Life IN, ON & AROUND Wisconsin's Famous Wolf River



  • A WRMC Membership Card
  • A WRMC Boat or Truck Decal
  • Entry In To Our Muskie Tackle Prize Drawings
  • Chance To Win With Any Muskie - See Rules For Details


Anglers must be registered and "Check In" via Facebook or have a sales receipt from a participating sponsor PRIOR to fishing each day.  THIS IS A CATCH AND RELEASE EVENT!  Take a photo of your fish and publish it to our Facebook page or email it to us immediately after releasing it.  Multiple entries allowed  COMPLETE RULES>>>>

Most anglers are unaware of the growing Muskie population on the Wolf River system.  For the last 15 years or so anglers have been talking about catching some nice size fish. After some study on the population the DNR reacted by putting a ONE fish bag limit with a 50 inch minimum length on the system a number of years ago to...and I quote "protect the existing population of spawning fish OVER 50 inches and those about to reach it".  Since that time I have had a friend catch a 53 1/2 inch Muskie in the fall of 2012 and have seen a couple of fish brought in over 50 inches that were un-releaseable.  I have also seen pictures of numerous released fish over 50 inches including a recent photo of a 54 inch Muskie caught this summer.  I have also talked with a trusted friend who tangled with a Muskie that he says may well have been approaching 60 inches, which was also released.  Knowing this person and having seen monster fish eat numerous ducks, I believe him.  So, come on out and help us promote this areas non prime time Muskie fishery.  It's an area known mostly for it's walleye and white bass runs but the summer and fall fishing can be great for pike and Muskie.  There is a prize potential for ANY Muskie caught and released*.  Event will run from June 1st 2018 until November 1st 2018.   See the complete rules for more information.

Special thanks to the Hahn-A-Lula for supporting the project as lead sponsor and for hosting the 2018 awards dinner next year.

Special thanks to Splat Teck Systems for supporting the project as lead sponsor and the great prizes to share with the participants.

Special thanks to Jim Grandt at Grandt Rods for supporting the project as lead sponsor and for the two $50 gift certificates for the top 2 winners.

We Thank Our Sponsors